Monday, April 4, 2011

Thrift Share Monday - April 4

More adventures in Flea Marketing!  I decided to tackle the Flea Market on a different day last week, rain will change your plans like that.  This particular Flea Market is advertised as being open Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.  I've always known that Wednesday was the original and most popular day and it's the only day I've ever gone.  Due to rain the visit got postponed until Friday.  As I approached the usually overflowing lot a feeling of dread came over me.  Most of the open air shed was empty and there was only a small spattering of cars in the parking lot (field).  Did I drive 40 minutes for this?  Gas is too expensive for that, my friends.  I put on a smile and decided to walk the booths to see if I could save the trip.  I did manage to fill a couple of bags and find some trinkets.  From the perspective of reselling the trip may have been a bust but the thrifter and antiques lover had a fun time looking!

This sewing box caught my eye and it included a handful of accessories. I'm cleaning it up and trying to figure out if any of it can still be of use to someone.

This old dictionary came from quite a varied booth, everything from old military matchbooks to potato chips.  I also picked up a few glass bottles from this lady.

I also found a few nice things from the thrift stores and even an inexpensive antique store goody this week:

Most of the above will be listed in my Etsy shop in the coming days.
P.S. I'm curious. Do any of you shop Etsy?  If so, what type of items do you look for?  I've bought soaps and shampoo regularly and I've purchased baby gifts that I LOVE.  The longer I've had my shop, the more I'm discovering.  I just bought some beautiful Easter basket sweets and I can't wait to receive them.


Project Simplify - Pantry

Arriving a few days behind on the Project Simplify post.  Last week's focus was the pantry and refrigerator.  Although everyone wants more storage space, I should be thankful that our home has any form of pantry, as small as it seems.  The small size demands organizing attention at least once every four months.  I used a mix of purchased containers and free re-purposed items to help with the organization.  My plan of attack was to remove items from two shelves at a time and replace items in like groups.  If I decided not to put it back in it's original spot on the shelf the item just hung out on the counter until enough "like" items joined it!
Starting at the top:

This area was an even bigger mess before!  Things tend to get randomly tossed and land where they may on the top (hard to  reach) shelves.  I added an empty Girl Scout Cookie box to contain the cups and create another shelf.  The red plastic basket holds paper napkins (many left over from birthday parties) and plastic utensils.  We don't use many paper products in our house but it is convenient to have a stash for picnics or party extras.

I've always used the wire shelf racks in my pantry and cabinets.  They are a "must have" in order to make the most of your space. As you can see, baking items are grouped together, cans and jars together. The middle shelf holds mostly drinks and vitamins.  Tea packets and Cocoa Mix are in the white Tupperware container and vitamin packets and tincture bottles are in the blue box.  The bottom shelf holds items that the children use often, cereal and snacks.  The clear modular press and lock containers are from Target.  They were a little on the expensive side but well worth it.

On the opposite side:  Baking Mixes, pasta and grains are grouped together.  The Tupperware Modular boxes hold nuts and dry salad toppings, small bags of grains,  soup or spice packets.  As I look at this photo I know that labels would help but it seems that the contents of the boxes often change so I've never committed to labels!    The bottom shelf isn't very visible but holds a box of trash bags and an under-shelf rack with zip-loc bags, foil, etc.

All good deeds are rewarded.  Well, not all, but cleaning out the pantry was rewarded with this yummy chocolate bar hiding behind the Cream of Wheat! Don't mind if I do.

What is that hideous thing above?  I know it's not pretty but is was quick, practical and free!  We re-use plastic grocery bags for trash can liners and picking up dog poop.  You do too, right? Instead of having a mass of bags falling off the shelf I cut a hole in a shoe box and can easily stuff bags in or pull them out when needed.

Gathered the random messy stack of grocery and gift bags and put them into one reusable grocery bag. Not great, but better.

These stacking recycling bins fit right under the bottom shelf.  One for paper, one for glass and plastic.  Love that you can access the bottom bin(s) through the hinged lid.  From Ikea. Yes, I know that's a random bag of dog food that needs a new home.  The opposite side of the pantry floor houses the lidded trash can.  I make myself be okay with trash in the pantry by reminding myself it's covered.  Is trash in the pantry weird? Best we can do at the moment.

This concludes the pantry tour.  Keeping it real, folks.  Don't forget to check in with Simple Mom for the latest Project: Simplify info!