Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Over the Threshold

Welcome to the first post. Try not to fall asleep, would you?
Since my intention is to include small home projects, thrifting finds, and inspiration photos in this blog I considered naming the blog "threshold".  Well, Google that and see what pops up. Did you?  See what I mean?  So, Inside Voices it is.  This is an excersise in procrastination as much as it is motivation.  Here we are, full swing into the holidays and suddenly I need to start a blog?  Here's a gander at my to do list:
  1. Invites for kid's bday party
  2. Plan said party
  3. Christmas shop for 3 kids and husband
  4. Find photo for and prepare holiday cards
  5. Clean dining room where homeless objects seem to gather
  6. Spruce up house in preparation for neighbor/interior designer who has offered to give decor advice
  7. Unpack remaining boxes from move (7 months ago!)
  8. Hang pictures
Of course these are just the highlights, the boring SAHM tasks don't even make the list.

The goal is to stretch my creative muscles and reacquaint myself with this fancy gadget they call a computer. According to my husband I can't be a SAHM forever...we'll see about that.

Clearly there's not much to see here but please come again soon. Maybe next time I'll have pictures! Don't bet on it, but I'll see what I can do.

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