Friday, December 3, 2010

Pottery score

I've often hit up the thrift stores for kids' clothing and lately I've become addicted to the housewares aisles.  There is always something that can be used to spuce up your home decor.  Sometimes it perfect, sometimes it needs a little spraypainting!

I scored this piece of Frankoma pottery at the local Habitat homestore.  I'm guessing it's a sugar bowl? Not sure.  It's undecided as to what purpose it will serve at our house. Maybe a vase? A container for the marbles I use in the kids' chore system? Random bookshelf art? Pencil holder?

Frankoma Pottery was founded in 1933 by craftsman John Frank.  The pottery is made in Sapulpa, Oklahoma.  The clay source is about a mile away from the actual production facility.  Maybe some digging around will produce some more info on my thrift find!

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