Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kitchen Succulents

I mentioned in a previous post that I bought some beautiful cuttings from etsy seller "The Succulent Garden".  They're still alive and adding some life to my kitchen!


  1. Hi ! I am a succulent fan too! I think succulents are special gift from god to busy home makers like us - who really want to have a "green" collection but do not realy have time to fuss over plants yet! Now that you have bought the succulents - if interested - check my etsy shop which makes shallow succulent pots which can also be used as dish gardens! All of them are ofcourse hand made by me and are compact to fit on your kitchen window sill.They can be excellent gifts too!
    Here is the link -

    Enjoy your succulents!

  2. Wow! My first comment, thanks. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your Etsy store, you have a lovely product.