Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mirror Makeover

Without fail, you can walk into any thrift store and find a small framed mirror.  The frames are often beat-up or too cheap to actually hang as-is but they're perfect for an easy makeover.  I buy these mirrors every now and then and have a collection of eight.

I'm hanging a few things on the wall of one of the kids' rooms and I've prepped four of the mirrors to hang in a cluster.  What kid doesn't love staring at themselves and making goofy faces?

The project:

I'll confess that I tend to take the lazy route for most home projects.  The thought of taping all four mirrors and then peeling tape and scrubbing after spraypainting seemed a little tedious.  So...I folded and creased newspaper and stuck it between the frame and mirror at the corners.  I layered a little more to be sure the mirror was completely covered before spraying.  After covering the first mirror I realized some of the thicker advertising inserts would work even better.  Scrap cardstock? Perfect. 

I sprayed one coat of the Rust-oleum product seen above and let that dry while I did something more exciting (laundry!). The second coat seemed to cover the frames thoroughly but when I got a good look in the bright sunlight I hit a couple of areas a third time.

These are hung on the wall and being enjoyed.  I'll snap a few shots and post the results....someday.  

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