Monday, March 21, 2011


Do you have cherished possessions passed down from your grandfather or maybe your great-great grandmother?  How do feel about the things that are fragile and delicate?

My mother-in-law invited me to go along one afternoon as she was cleaning out some things from her mother's house.  I knew that she wanted us to take a very old set of china which belonged to my husband's great-grandmother and I left with a bookshelf, books, and a few other small trinkets as well.

The shelf and books were put to use right away but the china remained packed in our basement for several months.  It's intended for my son, who's middle name belongs to the great-grandmother and the china bears that initial.  I've recently decided that this is a better place for it:

Yes, I'm a little worried that one of the dishes will be broken.  Surprisingly there is a perfect set of six place settings even after all these years.  Isn't part of the reason for keeping things from relatives to think about and remember them?  Because we have a few of these passed down things around the house, we tend to talk about their past owners and others in our family.  It reminds use to share memories with our children who didn't have the chance to know the great-grandmother or the uncle who passed away.

These sweet little birds sit in front of my "wedding" china.  One of the kids wanted to help me display things in this cabinet and he gently held the little birds and of course asked, "Where did these come from?"  They may well be broken before my children reach adulthood but at least they have served a purpose.

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