Friday, March 11, 2011

Project Simplify: Closet

Closet, done! As I mentioned in the previous post, I've committed to joining "Project Simplify" with Simple Mom.  Although I didn't devote enough time to tackle my dresser drawers, my closet (my half at least) is complete and looks much better. Here's the brief run-down with photos!



I must say I was relieved when I saw Tsh's post this morning.  Her closet re-do wasn't done by Martha Stewart and a magazine staff, it was a "real life re-do".  I didn't spend any money or make this a 12 hour endeavor.  I feel better when I open the closet door and know I actually want to spend a couple of hours and go through my dresser also.  A couple more photos below:

The hamper in the above shot was once out in our room beside my husband's chest of drawers.  It's not hideous but I'm glad to have the space to keep this in the closet!

I'd been hanging onto this skirt for years.  It's of good quality but I'm simply not going to wear a skirt that goes down to the floor.  bye bye.

These two photos above show what went to the thrift store.  Only 12 items total.  Hopefully I can say goodbye to more once I hit the dresser.

The above demonstrates my main housekeeping problem - STASHING! A bunch of junk that had no business being in the closet.

Thank you Simple Mom!  Wonder what's on the agenda for next week?

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