Monday, March 28, 2011

Thrift Share - March 28

A rainy weekend put a damper on spring yard sales but I found a few thrifting goodies.  I've also made a commitment to allow myself to spend some money on a few higher priced items later this week (clearly not what you see below!).  I have 68 items in my shop and only 5 are priced above $20!  I'm ok with that since my goal was to start small and not lose money.  I've had a decent number of sales the past two weeks so I'm going to visit the antiques market and hopefully the flea market this week and put the money back into the shop.

Who remembers Arthur's Honey Bear?  One of my favorite books as a kid.  Surprise, a tag sale plays heavily in the plot.  Of course this is only a fraction of the books I picked up this week.  I'm having free shipping on books this month in hopes of moving more from the shop!

Lovely, worn ironstone creamer.  Likely qualifies as an antique.  Holds about 1 1/2 cups comfortably. As much coffee as I consume this large creamer is perfect.  I really love it, probably a keeper.  Marked USA on the bottom.

I'll be cleaning this tray and bowl using Selena's olive oil and salt method.  It worked perfectly for some others I have in the shop.

I know...totally not my style.  These are actually very sweet vintage cross stitch pieces when seen in person (or with better photos).  People get sweet and kinda kitschy during Easter so I thought I would put them in the shop for super cheap-o.  Maybe different frames would give them some new life?

And in unrelated news:  My kids have tried and enjoyed felting.  The above tiny felting pack sells at our Hobby Lobby for $2.50 (or $3?) and I purchased it for $0.49.  Handy.  There is also a Star Wars birthday party in my future so I was very happy to grab 18 sticker packs for $1.80.

Thanks for stopping by, come visit the etsy shop if you are so inclined.

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