Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Took a Leap

I hadn't planned on sharing this information on the blog just yet, but I've been encouraged by other blogs I read, namely:

Apron Thrift Girl
I know it's silly, but this is one of my favorite images that she recently posted.

So...I decided to open my own shop on Etsy. 

I've been an Etsy member for a couple of years now and have occasionally thought about various craft projects or children's activities that I could make and sell.  Only very recently did I consider selling vintage goods. As I've stated in previous posts, I love using vintage finds in my home. When I was a kid my folks used to drag us around to antique stores and auctions.  I probably complained at the time but I developed an appreciation for things old and of good quality.  Three and four years ago I mostly shopped thrift stores for our family's clothing.  I browsed antique stores in my free time but could rarely afford to make purchases.  In the last year I've been able to spend a little money on our home and have found things I truly love at estate sales and antique markets. When I have free time, I really enjoy searching, and sifting.  About a week into the new year I decided to take the leap.  Within 48 hours I had expanded my Etsy profile, set shop policies and listed a handful of items (most of which had been in my possession for some time). 

Gorgeous oil pastel. Part of me regrets listing this, I feel like I know this girl.

I've thrown away most of the plastic kid cups in our house and we use juice glasses instead.

Lovely canning jar I found at an estate sale. I'd never seen the cut-out Presto lid so the research prior to listing taught me something new!

This leads us back to Apron Thrift Girl.  In the past I've enjoyed her blog for the thrifted yumminess but over the past weeks I've focused on the reselling tips and even provided a link back to this blog from her "Thrift Share Monday".  ATG is hosting a "ReSeller's Listing Challenge" for the month of February and I'm going to join in with a goal of increasing the items in my Etsy shop.

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  1. hey, congrats on your shop! the pastel artwork is gorgeous.