Sunday, February 6, 2011

Shelter Magazine Sunday (Martha)

I had a double dose of Martha Stewart Living this week (I'm feeling rather inadequate as a result). I received the Feb issue on Jan 31 and the January issue on Feb 4. Gee, thanks!  It was pretty disappointing since I thrive on following Martha's calendar to THE LETTER.  hee hee.

My favorite spread was on collecting and it highlighted several designers/artists and their collections.  Artist Lisa Cogdon is pictured with her Mid-century kitchenware collection.

Lisa has an excellent blog which ran in 2010 highlighting her various collections, photographed and drawn. Before you go to A Collection a Day 2010 you should grab a cup of coffee because you'll be there awhile!

Also from February's Martha, a little blurb in the Great Finds section:

The editor is sharing a few neutral paint color choices. Look closely at the photo above. Yep, Dead Salmon. Really? It's by Farrow and Ball so not only does the name of the color make you want to gag but you also have to pay $85 for it! Yuck.

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