Monday, February 21, 2011

Thrift Share

I would really love to have some opinions on this thrift find because I'm not 100% sold on it.  Our house has an awesome covered deck and until recently it's been fairly cluttered and not too inviting.  We have mounted heat lamps and seasonal clear covers so it should be getting use almost year-round. 

In an effort to start sprucing up the deck, I went to The Salvation Army on Friday and came home with this:

I purposefully went to the thrift store looking for a coffee table. I rarely have a specific item in mind when I shop second hand and I was a little surprised that the thrifting gods granted my request so quickly.  Is there a procedure for thanking the thrifting gods? Lemme know, would ya?

The surface is laminate and I'm assuming it's from the late 50s or the 60s (early 70s?). I've done zippo research but it seems like something produced for an elementary school library.

The best thing about it is the price - $10!  So don't feel guilty if you leave me a comment saying it's the most hideous thing ever...I won't cry because it was only $10, yippee!

Obviously I walked by the housewares aisle while I was there and I found this little lovely:

It's a McCoy but only has the mold # and USA stamp.  As you can see on this next picture the glaze on the base is a little sloppy.  I haven't seen many small McCoy pitchers so I have no idea if this is typical. 

It caught my eye because I recently bought her big sister on sale at an antique market.  Big Sis is currently in my Etsy shop:
McCoy Water Pitcher


Sadly, my brief trip to The SA was my only hunting.  The weekend was too busy for any estate sales or antique markets so I'm looking forward to checking out what else is being shared over at Apron Thrift Girl.



  1. I like your coffee table. For the money I say you did an excellent job. I recognize the legs. They were quite common in the early 60s on early birchwood furniture. The "waterproof" laminate on the table actually does hold up well unless totally soaked.

  2. I think for that price , you cannot go wrong. I love it!
    I will keep that table and use it