Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Too Much

Our household is currently in the process of trying to straighten up, which typically translates to "declutter".  My main setback with housekeeping, decluttering, home projects etc. is simply not knowing where to begin. THAT feeling I believe is caused by the simple fact that we own too much stuff.  We don't make that much money and we aren't overindulgent with our kids but somehow we still own too much stuff.  I suspect that if I hadn't already moved 7 or 8 times during my adulthood the amount of possessions would be even greater.  I'm definitely the keeper in my family, my husband would gladly toss half of your belongings in the trash. I keep children's art, bulletins from special events, clothing, outgrown shoes... 
Have you ever read any minimalist blogs? I think they make for wonderful reading.  I know, instead of reading blogs I should be cleaning out closets! Anyhoo, they always give me something to consider. The only minimalist technique I've ever tried to apply has been with the kids' toys.  About once a year we get out ALL the toys and talk about how many of each type of toy it would be reasonable to keep.  Example: How many diecast cars do we need? When we did this a couple of weeks ago each kid chose their 12 favorite cars and we put the rest in a giveaway pile.   
I know it's nowhere near minimalism but the concept seems to help us whittle our belongings just a little.  If only I could apply the strategy to MY belongings!
Here are a couple of interesting minimalism focused blogs for your reading enjoyment!:

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