Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shelter Magazine Sunday-Feb. 20

One of my all-time favorite houses from a magazine spread is the home of Ashley Edwards, featured in the November 2005 issue of Domino.  At one point, the phrase "sophisticated pop decor" is used to describe the decorating.  That's certainly not my personal style but I was immediately drawn to the predominantly black and white color scheme.

The black and white never looks extreme, thanks to pops of color in smaller decor/accent pieces.  Each room also has a piece of antique furniture or a natural element, like woven baskets, that brings some warmth.

I had this home in mind when I decided to paint the interior of our front door black.  Apparently Edwards painted all of her interior doors black, which I would eventually LOVE to do.  Not sure if I can get the hubby on board...

Domino often provided paint color information on their spreads but I couldn't find anything listed for the Edwards feature.  It's definitely a warm white for the walls and I'm assuming the black is high-gloss.

I painted my interior door several months ago, just before Ralph Lauren Paints left Home Depot.  The color is "Bone Black".  I read somewhere (Bryn Alexandra?) that Home Depot still has the ability to mix past colors.  I guess the color formulas are kept in their computers but you'd have to verify.

I love the black interior doors throughout.  A really inexpensive way to make an impact, especially for those of us (ME) who tend to be a little wishy-washy with their interior design.

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